Property management round up

  • Author: Zoë Harris
  • Date: 9th March 2020

Commercial property managers work on behalf of landlords, overseeing the day-to-day operations of their buildings and properties. This can be on a small-scale such as single office buildings, right up to large industrial parks. They are responsible for collecting rent, negotiating leases, dealing with legal matters, health and safety policies, and supervising cleaning and maintenance activities.

Property management - Helllier LangstonThe commercial property manager must manage all third party suppliers that they employ to carry out services such as the cleaning and maintenance tasks, so it is their responsibility to acquire the best package for these services and ensure that the work is done to a high standard.

Hellier Langston has a successful property management portfolio, which consists of around 180 tenancies around the country. Although most of the properties are located in their core area of Chichester to Southampton and up to Petersfield, they are happy to manage properties outside of the area when their clients request it.

Hellier Langston’s head of Property Management, Zoe Harris, is responsible for the entire portfolio. She said: “We have a range of clients who have properties of varying sizes and quantities. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we give maximum attention to each and every client to ensure every aspect of their property is looked after and that they are happy with the service provided.

We work with many partners to make this overall service possible and our working relationships with all of them is as professional as it is with the landlords. We endeavour to ensure that everyone we work with comes away from the experience secure in the knowledge that Hellier Langston are the top commercial property agents to deal with.”

New instructions

Over the past year, Hellier Langston has taken on several new clients, providing these landlords with their comprehensive property management service. 

7 Victory Park, Whiteley

This is a two-storey office building, which was previously let to one tenant. That tenant recently gave up occupation of the upper floor and the new owner has moved his business in that space. Since taking this property on, Hellier Langston has introduced a service charge for the communal areas.  This is used for general upkeep of the building including window cleaning, fire alarm and lift maintenance, health and safety aspects, asbestos reports, work to gutters and so on.

When the existing tenant relinquished sole occupancy, it was agreed that the communal areas would be refurbished, which Hellier Langston managed. The toilets, heating system, door entry system and fire alarm system were all refurbishedand the shared entrance, walls and stairs were redecorated and the carpeting replaced. 

Unit 4 Ridgeway, Petersfield

This is a two-storey, stand alone office building. It has two tenants and when Hellier Langston took this property on a service charge was implemented, which is used to maintain the property to the required standard and keep it in good condition. When Hellier Langston was informed recently that the roof was leaking, it was dealt with immediately, with a third party being employed to come in and fix the problem, ensuring minimal disruption to the tenants.

1-3 Fulcrum, Whiteley 

These properties are three large industrial units, let to a single tenant. The owner is a large investor who puts their trust in Hellier Langston to oversee the management of the buildings in their absence. Hellier Langston is happy to do so, ensuring that the units are well looked after at all times.

These units are on a full repairing and insuring lease, the terms of which state that the tenant is responsible for the regular upkeep of the buildings, inside and out as well as taking responsibility for any wear and tear on the properties by addressing this as and when needed. Hellier Langston carries out periodic inspections of the units to ensure that the tenant is complying with their lease terms and dealing with the situation if they are in breach. If required, Hellier Langston can prepare notices to serve on the tenant when remedial work is required, to ensure that everything is kept in tip top condition.

14 St Johns Road, hedge End – multi let office

This is an office building that has two tenants. Hellier Langston are responsible for managing the communal areas of the property and have put a tenant service charge in place to cover the costs of this for the landlord.

Wellington Gate, Waterlooville – multi let office

This is a large office building that has two tenants as well as some vacant space at present. Hellier Langston manages the communal areas within the building as well as the external landscaping. The building is due for some additional maintenance work soon so Hellier Langston are currently in the process of organising this on behalf of the owner.

We go the extra mile

At Hellier Langston, we go above and beyond to ensure that all of our clients are looked after every step of the way. In the recent storms, a few of the properties we manage experienced additional problems that were caused by the adverse weather. We dealt with each and every problem quickly and professionally and got the problems resolved in good time. This additional work was covered within the existing contracts between ourselves and our clients so there were no additional costs.

Find out more about the Property Management service Hellier Langston offers and please get in touch if there’s anything we can assist you with.

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